Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO) provides civil legal help to low-income Oregonians through regional offices and specialized statewide hotlines and programs. We do not charge our clients for these legal services.

Statewide Hotlines

Oregon Public Benefits

(Government assistance programs like SSI, SNAP, TANF)

Eviction Defense Project

Have your court case number and hearing date ready.

Oregon Homeowner Legal Assistance Project

(help to homeowners at risk of foreclosure due to COVID-19 factors)
Hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

Please note that the Child Support hotline is no longer in service. For information about child support issues, contact your LOCAL LEGAL AID OFFICE. You can also find information on OREGONLAWHELP.ORG and the OREGON JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT.

The Wildfire Disaster Relief Hotline is no longer active. Please contact contact your LOCAL LEGAL AID OFFICE for assistance.

LASO's Regional Offices

Local LASO offices help with the following kinds of cases:

Family law cases involving domestic violence

Housing cases, like repair issues, housing discrimination, and help with government housing programs

Government benefits issues, like SNAP (food stamps), Oregon Health Plan, and unemployment insurance benefits

Senior law issues, like problems with long term care facilities and elder abuse

Consumer issues, like debt collection and bankruptcy

Employment problems, like unpaid wages and discrimination

Civil rights, like race discrimination, fees and fines problems, or special education advocacy

Not all offices help with all issues. Call your local office for more information.

Statewide Programs & Projects

LASO’s Farmworker Program

LASO’s Farmworker Program helps agricultural workers throughout Oregon with employment, housing, civil rights and other legal issues.

Call the number below to apply.

LASO’s Native American Program (NAPOLS)

The Native American Program (NAPOLS), as part of Legal Aid Services of Oregon, is nationally recognized for specializing in the protection of Indian rights. Since 1979, NAPOLS has provided the highest quality legal advice and representation in nearly every issue and field of Indian Law. Today, NAPOLS continues to provide legal services to Indian Tribes, groups and individuals with limited income across the state of Oregon.

Call the number below to apply.

LASO’s Statewide Tax Clinic

LASO’s Statewide Tax Clinic helps Oregonians resolve disputes with the IRS and related Department of Revenue matters, including settling tax debt through the Offer In Compromise process, installment agreements or hardship requests, representation in tax audits and in U.S. Tax Court, help with worker classification issues, assistance in applying for innocent or injured spouse relief, and more.

Call the number below to apply.

Pro Bono Opportunities

Volunteer lawyers help Legal Aid Services of Oregon meet the needs of low-income Oregonians by working with legal aid offices around the state. Legal aid offices throughout the state offer pro bono opportunities for private attorneys to provide pro bono representation. Opportunities vary depending on the regional office. Pro bono attorneys provide an extremely valuable service by increasing access to legal assistance to many low-income Oregonians each year.

 For a list of our pro bono programs and to learn more about volunteer opportunities, please visit our advocate website

Notice about our services: If you are dissatisfied with the legal assistance provided to you by a LASO office, or if you have a complaint about an office, please ask that office for a copy of our grievance procedure. Please let that office know if you need help in filing a complaint.

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